Kids’ Korner

At Mountain View we partner with moms and dads to help kids know God and His love for them and others. Our programs meet kids right where they are at and take them on a journey to discover God. Through His word they learn and have fun at their level.



This class is for children who are newborn through 2 years old, or any child in diapers.

Infants and children are precious to us and will receive individual attention while in our care. In the nursery the children will play, have a light snack and get lots of love and attention. We have Bible story books and coloring activities for the older toddlers. Please make sure you share all special instructions (allergies, medical conditions, etc.) with our amazing nursery staff. Safety is very important to us. You need to check your child in and get a security tag. We want your child to have the best experience while in the nursery.

There is a private room set up for all nursing mothers. The nursery staff will be happy to show you to this room.

Located in room 10!


Kidventure 3 & 4 Year Olds

What a fun age! They are exploring and learning about Jesus through Bible stories, crafts, games, songs and by having fun playing. These areas of learning are all set up in stations so the kids can rotate through the class and learn. There is one adult and one helper in this class. We do have a light snack in class so please leave any special instructions for your child (allergies, medical conditions, etc.). Safety is very important to us. You need to check your child in and get a security tag.

Located in room 8!


Junior Church Kindergarten - 4th Grade

Welcome to the adventure of Junior Church. This is an amazing time in a child’s life. They go on Bible adventures, learning to hide God’s word in their heart. The Bible becomes alive and Jesus becomes more than just a cool story. This is where kids start to see the bigger picture of who Jesus is. This is where they learn to start learning to love Jesus and love others. Please let the staff know if your child has any special instruction (allergies, medical conditions, etc.).

Located in room 9!