Middle School

5th - 7th Grade


Let the middle school fun begin

Welcome to their world! This is the stage of pre-teen life where things get crazy…crazy fun! These years are often thought of as some of the toughest years for students. While that can be true, here at Mountain View we believe that the sky is the limit for what these kids can do in the name of Jesus. In Middle School class they go on a personal journey with Jesus. We give them the age-appropriate “tools” to use that will help guide them towards that relationship with Him. We will explore what the Bible says about subjects like God’s love, salvation and how to start applying God’s word into their young lives. This class is a stepping stone towards what they all look forward to…being part of the older Student Life Ministry.

This class is involved in many off-campus ministry projects from feeding the homeless, to helping the elderly, volunteering in younger children’s classes and helping to provide much needed items for children in need in our community.

Please see the calendar for monthly Middle School activities.