At Mountain View…

StudentLife is the next generation of Christians and leaders. This is a place…we love deeply and speak highly…it’s a place to be real…a place to discover purpose…a place where friends become family…and a platform to make a difference in the world.

A place you are invited!

CCMV StudentLife serves students in Frederick County and surrounding areas. We exist to:

#1 - Bring students into a relationship with Jesus Christ
#2 - Help them develop into mature Christians
#3 - Release them as committed disciples into a world

This 3-fold plan for this ministry is accomplished in several ways. We provide opportunities for young people to be introduced to Christ in a way that is meaningful to them. Our ministry revolves and is built upon meaningful relationships with each other and most importantly, with Christ.

Come check us out on a Wednesday night at 7:00pm at the Church of Christ at Mountain View (153 Narrow Lane, 22602). Or contact us at 540-869-2244.